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Mimasaka City with Yunogo hot springs with a history of 1200 years is famous as the birthplace of Miyamoto Musashi and many people still encourage swordsmans.




Project that can experience Iaido and etiquette at Yunogo hot springs ーSAMURAIー can start experiencing manners and practice using "swords" etc



​Museum(martial arts field)Mimasaka sports Park


​1. 1週間前までに予約

please reserve at least one week in advance.

This course is 10:00am to 12:00

​2. 体験(10:00~12:00)


​Change into samurai wear at hotel

​Take car [ 5-10 minutes ]

​道場までは 各お宿からお車で5~10分

​【体験メニュー】Experience project

​作法 explanation and practice of sword

​etiquette and basic technique

[ posture、grip etc ]

​技術 practice of advanced technique

[ drawing and replacing of sword in scabbard、

  cutting action ]

​ 写真タイム Time for taking photos

​【体験料金】Experience fee

1名様(1 person)          8,000円(JPY)per person

2名様(2 person)          6,000円(JPY)per person

3名様以上(3 person or more)     5,000円(JPY)per person 

5名様以上(5 person or more)     3,000円(JPY)per person 

5,000円(JPY)per person 

​ 試し切り Cutting a target with live blade[ tameshigiri ]

​※オプション体験 Optional experience

​【予約受付】Reservation reception


Yunogo onsen Tour Guide Center


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